Consider 42 x 42 Wooden Pallets for Your Business

wooden palletsDo you have an oddsize product that is too small for a standard 48×40 pallet but could fit easily on 42×42 wooden pallets? This is a common issue for many businesses, but most of them continue to use  standard size wooden pallets wasting space and money, instead of considering other pallet sizes.

Before you decide to order more standard 48×40 wooden pallet, remember to measure the dimensions of your product. You might be able to use a 42×42 wooden pallet which will save you money and space. But how is it possible to save space and money with these wooden pallets?

  1. A 53′ trailer can hold more 42×42 wooden pallets than other larger size pallets, which also means that you can save on shipping costs.
  2. There is less of a risk of having a product be damaged in the shipping process if the pallets fit the products correctly. A product that is too small for a pallet will shift during transportation and could fall and cause even more of your products to be destroyed. It is best for the product to fit snugly on wooden pallets to prevent damage.
  3. Large pallets can be heavy and add more to the freight cost, so using a smaller pallet for a light product is more cost effective.

Before you order more standard size pallets measure your product and you might find that 42×42 wooden pallets will fit and you can save space and money.

Discount Pallet has 42×42 wooden pallets on hand, so if you are interested in buying or have any questions about 42×42 pallets call Randy at 616-453-5455 or email

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