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Discount Pallet Co. full service pallet delivery

Removal | Delivery | Storage
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West Michigan's premier full service & high volume pallet company
• new or used pallets in any size or quantity
• removal of old unwanted pallets
• high quality/in demand pallets may be eligible for purchase – contact us first
• pallet delivery available for any sized load

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Pallet Removal

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Have a warehouse or parking lot with stacks of unwanted pallets you need removed?
We can arrange to clean up your space whether you have enough to fill a pickup truck or a semi-trailer. In most cases we can take care of your pallet disposal free of charge. And in some cases we’ll even pay you for your unwanted pallets.
Need a trailer spotted at your dock to keep unwanted pallets off your floor? Or maybe you need your pallets picked up on a regular schedule. Contact us to see how DPC can keep your space clutter-free.

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Heat treatment

Discount Pallet Co has heat treated pallets in any size for your export requirements. We are a certified IPPC ISPM-15 Heat Treating facility with an inventory of heat treated pallets in various sizes. If you have your own pallets you would like us to heat treat for you, we can do that too with a quick turn-around time. In most cases the same day. Fast pickup and delivery is also available upon request.

DPC has a state of the art chamber which can produce a semi trailer load of heat treated pallets in 3-4 hours. Every heat treated pallet reaches a temperature of 140 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes to ensure any living insects are exterminated. Every pallet is then stamped with our unique certified stamp.

The fast turnaround times which our HT chamber provides, enables DPC to keep your heat treating costs below the industry average. We refer to this as “turning and burning.”
Give DPC a call today for a quote on all your heat treated pallet needs.

Contact Discount Pallet - 616.893.1148

4580 Airwest Dr SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512
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Fully stocked and ready to go.
With over 30 years of fast, courteous pallet refurbishment in West Michigan and the midwest, sales and storage — we're ready to help with any size job, large or small.