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What to Look For in Wooden Pallets

If you are looking into buying wooden pallets to ship or store your products on, it can seem overwhelming to choose which pallet to use. Just keep a few things in mind when you need to order your wooden pallet and you will be able to easily find the pallet that is right for you.

Look into the size and weight of the product you need wooden pallets for. If your product is small or very large then wooden pallets may need to be made to fit your needs. Also if the product is really heavy, let your supplier know because you may need extra boards on the top of the wooden pallets to accommodate the weight.

Another thing your wooden pallets supplier needs to know is if it is okay to have gaps between the boards on the pallet. You probably do not want gaps if your product has small pieces that can slip through them, however, with most products gaps are fine to have.

The last thing you need to keep in mind when ordering wooden pallets is whether or not the pallet needs to be heat treated. You will want to use heat treated pallets if you are shipping food or other products that could be contaminated.

Tell your supplier about your product and they can help you choose the wooden pallets that are right for you.

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