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used pallets in Grand RapidsIf you own a business which uses used wooden pallets in Grand Rapids MI you might be wondering what to do with your  pallets. One thing you could do if you do not plan on using the used pallets in Grand Rapids again, or if they are in need of repair, is find a pallet company to take your pallets or buy them from you. Some pallet companies will even repair the used pallets so that you can buy them back and reuse them.

Some businesses choose to store their own used pallets in Grand Rapids because they are in good condition and need to reuse them. If you are planning on doing this then there are some guidelines you should follow so that you can safely store them on your property. Click on the link below to view some tips and safety precautions when storing your used pallets in Grand Rapids.

How to Store Used Pallets in Grand Rapids : A busy delivery and storage dock can quickly acquire a surplus of pallets. Store pallets safely and out of the way to…

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