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Firewood For Sale

Discount Pallet has wooden boxes of firewood in Grand Rapids, MI. The boxes are 42″ long x 42″ wide x 18″ tall and also have wooden lids that fit on the box. They are filled with dry cut hardwood pieces of firewood perfect for campfires and wood stoves.  Each box is built on a 4-way pallet making it easy to load your pickup truck or small trailer with a forklift. The boxes are sturdy and have no gaps in the bottom or sides.firewood for sale

We produce these wooden boxes of hardwood firewood weekly. If you are interested or have any questions call Randy at 616-453-5455.

P.S. These boxes of firewood for sale go very quickly!

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2 thoughts on “Firewood For Sale in Grand Rapids, MI
  1. Carrie says:

    Do you still have boxes and bins of firewood for sale? What are your hours? Any chance you deliver? Otherwise, do you think I could fit a bin-worth in a car (trunk and back seat)? Thanks for your feedback!

  2. admin says:

    Yes, we do still have firewood for sale.
    Our hours are Mon-Fri 7am – 5:30pm. We do not deliver.
    You should be able to fit the contents of a box in your car.
    We are located at 2929 32nd Street between Breton and Shaffer.
    Our area is at dock #18. 616-453-5455

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