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The 48×40 pallets, also called a Grocery Manufacturers’ Association (GMA) pallet or standard pallet, is the most popular pallet in many industries. 48×40 pallets are stringer pallets with boards on the top and bottom.48x40 pallets

Another feature of  48×40 wooden pallets is that they are notched to allow 4-way access with a forklift. This allows you to put more pallets in a semi trailer to save transportation costs because some of the stacks can be loaded side-ways.

Also, because many industries use them it is easy to find a company that uses them when you no longer need them.

Discount Pallet currently has a large supply of 48×40 pallet that we are looking to sell. Discount Pallet offers free delivery for those in the Grand Rapids MI area so if you are in need of 48×40 pallets in good condition then call Randy at 616-453-5455 for a free quote.

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